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In Newport Beach the Ferrari dealership is off of Pacific Coast Highway, and about a quarter mile south on PCH is a Taco Bell and McDonald's.  I have had this idea for awhile and think there's a real irony to it.

Click below and check out my 'Whiteboard Animation' created for the CEO to present at a Hollywood event.  





The Mayor of Newport Beach proposed to the FAA a new flight path for planes flying out of Newport Beach, to minimize the noise on neighbors below.

After Hostess declaring bankruptcy last year, the operation is back in operation and Twinkies hit the store shelves again in July 2013.
The cartoon above I did in tribute to Hostess in 2012.
It has been an ongoing debate about whether or not to remove the fire rings on the beaches in Newport Beach and other Southern California beaches due to what critics claim is an 'air quality' issue. 

The cost of the new City Hall has continued to increased from initial projected costs.

This cartoon above is based on my own experiences on Pacific Coast Highway.

This editorial illustration of mine was published 13 years ago after the Columbine shooting.  Unfortunately it is still relevant today.  In memory of those taken from us December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut.


My tribute to Steve Jobs - 2011

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